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Princess party

OMG! I had a great day today hanging out with Princess Strike-A-Pose, aka Princess Poser. For those of you who missed March, I met Princess Poser at the Disney Princess Half Marathon. Today we relived what an awesome trip it was! And reminded ourselves about how we are all princesses!

PP and I went to the Sunnyvale Art and Wine festival where we drank beer a little too early in the day and purchased random trinkets. I am now the proud owner of a bonsai tree with pink flowers. Question is if I can keep it alive?!

We picked up Perl and went to Fort Funston. Turned out to be a gorgeous day for walking on the beach. Made up for the cheese steaks and garlic fries by climbing sand dunes. And now Perl is passed out!

Thanks for coming to visit, Princess Poser!

Hair porn results

Here it is. The new me.

Another episode of Hair Porn

Wilson has moved two doors down the street to Studio FX. I went to the wrong place first and they said he was gone. I had a moment of fear that I wouldn't have a new haircut for next week. I gave him a call and found his new location.

He asked if I wanted a new style. I said, Sure, I trust you.

Then he started cutting the underlayers. They are so short, it made me really nervous. But I have faith that he has a plan.

Now he is doing color. He decided it would just be one color this time. I said okay. Who am I to say no? I know nothing about hair.

I forgot to take a before picture, but if you start looking back in the blog you can find some recent photos from Napa.

The locks falling in my lap were pretty long…

Tesla Motors

I’m in love.

I sat in one of these today.

It was beautiful. It spooned me. It was almost better than sex.

A friend of mine finally had his delivered after a year and a half.

Does anyone have $101,500 + $19,500 I can borrow?

Kitchen lights

Better photos to come later, but I thought you all would like to see the kitchen lights. These are Trudy Barnes ( originals. :-)

Next up, final inspection!

Money laundering

Sometimes all you can do is laugh.

Memorial Day weekend, I decided to take advantage of the sales and finally purchase a wine cooler. I have all these great bottles of wine that I just toss in the closet. If I’m going to spend all this money on wine, I should really store it at the proper temperature.

So I picked out a 12 bottle cooler at Best Buy. I thought about getting a bigger one, but really, I don’t want to have more than 12 bottles of wine lying around. It is just too much of an investment. So I went small.

Tall And Lanky Kinda Skanky gave me a gift card a year ago. I keep meaning to use it but haven’t. And then at some concert I received a card for another $10 off. I looked in the usual places for the cards, but came up empty. Then I searched those places again. And then I searched the mess on my table. And then I looked in places where they weren’t going to be.

I looked everywhere. My condo isn’t really that big, and there aren’t that many places to hide.

After a weekend of searching, I gave up. I bought the cooler while it was still on sale, but would have liked to get the $30 off.

Tonight I went to do laundry. When I opened the washing machine, I was surprised to see that my overalls and painting shirt were in there and smelly. I’d washed them a week ago, but forgot to dry them. So I threw them in the dryer for a while and put another load of laundry in the washer.

When it was time to move the load to the dryer, I took out the smelly overalls and shirt, realizing I’m going to have to wash them again. I cleaned out the lint trap. That is when I noticed that there was paper stuck in the lint trap. I wondered what it was.

I pulled the clothes from the washer and put them in the dryer. That is when I saw a little piece of plastic with Best Buy and $10 on it. And then I saw the gift card on the bottom.

I shook my head and snorted at the absurdity of it all.


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