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Thirty-six hours in Boston

I couldn’t blog about it earlier, but I spent the weekend in Boston. Although that isn’t entirely accurate because it is hard to spend a weekend in Boston when I live in California.

I took a redeye flight on Friday night. It was supposed to leave at 10:30 pm, but didn’t leave until after midnight. So I didn’t land until 9 am, which is the time I told my high school friend I would meet her for coffee.

It was freaking cold when I landed, and I was half an hour late, but I managed to get to Mike’s Pastries. I hate to admit it, but Facebook makes it possible to call up someone I haven’t seen in over a decade and say, Hey, I’m gonna be in town for 36 hours. Wanna meet for coffee?

It was great catching up. So many things have happened over the years to get us to where we are.

We talked for a couple hours, then my mom arrived and was double parked. I picked up the cake my brother had ordered and said my goodbyes.

My mom and I went to CraftBoston and saw a lot of really great work. It was great to have a chance to spend some time with her since I won’t get to see her at Christmas.

I do feel bad that I passed out in the car on the way to New Hampshire to pick up Motorcycle Man. Hard to stay awake after taking a redeye.

We then went down to Brother K and The President’s house for The President’s 30th birthday. I am surprised that it was actually a surprise. I thought that Sparkles may have ruined it when we were at our Cousin’s 40th surprise party two weeks earlier. Luckily, the jug o’ wine from Olive Garden had clouded The President’s memory.

My apologies to The President for not keeping up with drinking. I know that is my duty as resident Asshole, but I just can’t live up to the expectations. ‘Tis the problem with getting older.

Sunday I slept in just a little, that is until MiniMe woke me. Hung out with the fam for a little bit, then my cousin dropped me off at Logan.

And that was where I was, a week ago, as I wrote this post while sipping a winter solstice ale—deep red in color, malty and generously hopped—at the Boston Beer Works. So it is only fitting that today, on the actual winter solstice, I find this post half written. No, it wasn’t the beer that made me forget to finish it, it was because the WordPress iPhone app had crashed, lost half of what I had written, thus pissing me off.

This was the last of my travels for the year.

Happy Birthday, President Sister-in-Law

Cousin C’s Surprise 40th Birthday Party

The whole reason for going to New England for Thanksgiving was for this party. How could I miss an opportunity to get together with iDad’s side of the family? It was well worth the trip.

These aren’t my best photos, but there are a lot of them. You can find the full set on My Gallery, but here are the teasers.

Cousin C was surprised—mostly that his boys could keep a secret this big!

There was a good bit of dancing done by all. I have the blisters to prove it!

In addition to dancing, there might have been some drinking and some goofing around. Especially by my siblings and myself. If you get to the end of the full album, you can find the photos where Sister-In-Law T tried to convince me that I could lick my elbow or touch my elbows behind my back. I’m still convinced I can do it.

Just one word says it all. “Gov-nah!”

And apologies to Aunt K who wanted to stay up and party into the wee hours of the morning. As I explained, most of my adventures happen before midnight. Otherwise I turn into a pumpkin. ;-)

Because that wasn’t enough

Sister-in-law T finally has a new name. Bat Woman. We were just watching He’s Just Not That Into You when I saw a bat flying in the stairwell. Bat Woman took the tennis racket and went after it. I got plastic bags, opened the front door, and held the cat. It was tough because one swing took it down, but then it was moving under the racket. Bat Woman figured out how to get it in the bag and threw it on the front lawn. We watched safely from behind the glass as the bat wiggled its way out of the bag, fluttered around dazed and confused, and eventually flew off into the night.

Hopefully not back into the house.

I have a lot of respect for Bat Woman.

I was a pansy.

The saga continues

There was no way I was going to make my San Jose flight from JFK, so I was moved to a flight tomorrow.

I picked up my bag from baggage claim and looked for cheap hotels, but I’m an amazing cheapskate and I refuse to stay in less than a three star hotel after tenting, so I’m taking the train to my sister-in-law’s house.

I bought a Charlie Ticket and put on enough cash to get to and from South Station. When I tried to use the ticket, the bus driver grabbed it when it came back out. Seems that my card couldn’t be read. But he looked it over and let me on anyways. So now I had an extra two dollars on the card.

I got to South Station and it took half an hour to figure out the system. First I realized I didn’t actually want Amtrak. Then I figured out which train I needed. Then when I tried to buy a ticket, I had to cancel and go find the zone. I tried to buy the ticket again an realized I needed to know how much a ticket costs, so I cancelled it again. Finally, I added the appropriate amount to my Charlie Ticket

I went in search of food. It was after 6 pm and I’d had an English muffin, a peach, a bottle of water, and an iced vanilla latte. So I was shaking like mad and my ears are ringing so much it is hard to hear.

My choices included McDonalds, Chinese, pizza, or fresh sandwiches/salads. I really wanted pizza. Or a cheeseburger. I’d been saving myself up to eat at the JetBlue terminal at JFK. So I was starving and having a har time caring about my diet.

Guilt finally won out and I got a 408 calorie sandwich, carrots instead of chips, and a mojito lemonade.

As I was eating, I got a phone call from the vets holding Pablo hostage. Seems the bank declined their request for a couple grand while I’m in Boston. And they don’t take American Express. So I begged and asked if I can bring a check from my other secret off-shore account tomorrow. No, I don’t have a card for it. Money just magically appears in it when I wave my wand. And my checks for it have a wicked old address, but please, let me pay tomorrow and release Pablo today. He needs to go home.

They called back and the connection was so bad, I had to hang up on him. I called back. Little do they know about my sand wedge hostage situation that I am negotiating at the same time.

The vet had agreed to let me pay Tuesday for a hamburger today.

Pablo is going home. I’m not.

As I was walking down the track, carrying a half eaten sandwich and negotiating the release of my cat, the conductor smiled at me. After hanging up the phone, I went back to him and asked if I had the right amount on my ticket.

I had the wrong ticket.

I asked if I should go back and get the right one. He said to get on an I could buy one on the train.

So I did. And he charged me for zone 8 when I only need zone 4.

I’m too tired to argue.

Photos from Frankie’s Memorial Service

I felt a little awkward taking photos at a memorial service, but there were so many memories there. So hopefully, I will be forgiven for that—and for not using a flash, which produced a bunch of blurry photos.

I’ve attached a few below, but you can find all of them in My Gallery

Tents are popped

Brother K, Sister-in-law T, Ducky and Kanga have their 8 person tent. It has two rooms and a screened room.

They brought me my own four person tent. Brother K said I could bring home boys. Um, I can't figure out how to bring home boys to my condo, let alone a tent and a single sleeping bag. But thanks for thinking of me. :-)

Easter Birthday Weekend

I’m a little slow, but here are the photos from my weekend in DC for meine Schwester’s 30th birthday. We wandered around the monuments, drank and danced in an Irish pub, and made easter baskets that Mom sent.

Adventures in travelling

Today has certainly been an adventure. It started with getting to Logan three hours too early and just turned more bizarre.

I caught that earlier flight to ORD. I had a standby ticket for an earlier SFO flight, but when I looked at the standby list I was number 34 out of 70. The odds weren't looking good and United was looking for people to volunteer to get off the flight. This gave me an idea.

I went to the internal ticket counter to see if I could get any karma points and maybe a free voucher to take a later flight. On my way there, I saw someone that I recognized from work. She was too far away to say hello.

I stood in line for an hour with two dark-haired girls in their early twenties wearing oversized sunglasses and looking forelorn. They were trying to get to San Francisco to see their dying grandmother. And they weren't having much success.

My turn at the counter and The ticket counter woman dismissed me. She said that since I have a confirmed ticket I should just stay on the flight because there weren't any free seats until Wednesday. So I took her advice and went to the bar.

I sat down next to a girl in her mid-twenties. I asked if the seat next to her was empty after I determined I wasn't interested in the guy on the other side. She said it was and then asked if I minded talking to her. She needed to stay awake until her next flight.

We chatted. She lives in Seattle and had gone to Boston to visit her family too. She's trying to decide between a new Blackberry or an iPhone, so the photo of her earlier today was a demo of using the camera to take a picture, email it to my blog and then view the results in Safari. I think I sold her on it. ;-)

Two martinis and a pannini later, I had to leave her to catch my flight. Once there, I walked right up to the counter and asked if they were looking for volunteers to get off. They sure were, but I had to get into the volunteer line. That is when I met the cute guy at boarding.

He was standing in front of me and so I started talking to him. Surprise. We gave up our seats and got our free ticket vouchers. Then we were told to sit and wait for our new flights and hotel accommodations.

I called my pet sitters and made arrangements. And I tried and failed to make dinner plans with an old college friend. Then I decided that my new friend and I were going to have dinner. And maybe dinner would turn into something else.

Then the ticket counter called his name. They put him onto the flight. They didn't need all the volunteers and were filling the plane. My romantic trist was squashed before it had started. He shrugged and got on the plane.

Then they called my name. At the same time, they called the two girls with the dying grandmother. They smiled at me and I refused to get on the plane until I knew they had seats. They were on! Okay, I really was just waiting for something to print out, but if they hadn't gotten on before me, I had this huge monologue ready.

The print out turned out to be a $50 voucher. And they didn't take away my free ticket. I totally won! Except that I used to have an aisle seat and now I was in a middle seat.

As I walked through the plane, I heard my name. I turned and the guy I'd been flirting with smiled and welcomed me on the plane.

I was in row 50. Way way back. I was in a row that had four seats behind a sea of five seat rows. I found myself staring down the crack between the seats. I had this urge to stand up and start singing. The part in the musical where I call out to the cute guy in the section behind the big screen. He hears me and sings back, we step into the aisle and embrace. And then I wake up.

Not sure why I've been pretending life is a musical lately. It happened at Christmas dinner that something would be said and we would all break into song. Sister-in-law T's family thought it was a little strange, but I digress.

Arriving at SFO, my bag had arrived on an earlier plane, so I didn't have to wait for the carousel. Never did get that guy's phone number. I suck at follow through. Did enjoy the daydream though.

As a last little bit of strangeness, Three twenty somethings on BART asked me for directions. We got talking and discovered that I worked in their hometown in CT for five years.

Crazy small world.

Dave Matthews Band

I finally saw DMB live last night at Shoreline (it was a first for me going to Shoreline as well).  It was an amazing show and I can’t believe I haven’t gone sooner.  My brother and sister-in-law go at least once a year and I’ve never been able to go with them.  I had a blast.

Ended up in center seats right behind the sound and lighting crew.  Had bought lawn seats.  One of the guys I was with is allergic to smoke.  If you’ve been to a DMB concert, especially in the bay area, there are lots of kinds of smoke.  He complained at the information desk and they moved us all into seats.  Sadly enough, that still didn’t help my friend, but he did manage to get us fabulous seats!

The show was just incredible.  They are all amazing musicians.  I wish I could find the playlist somewhere because I don’t actually know what songs I listened to and would like to get some of them…more than the radio played ones.  I think my favorite part was when they did a rendition of Crosby, Stills, and Nash’s “For What It’s Worth”.  Every time Dave said, “STOP,” he went silent and the crowd sang “Hey, what’s that sound.  Everybody look what’s going down.”  Have to say, it was the best audience participation ever!

If you haven’t seen a DMB concert–Go!


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