Baby, baby, BABY!

Sunday we slept in…as much as someone with cats and dogs is allowed to sleep in. This usually involves Pablo clawing at my head at about 6 am and then someone getting up at 7:30 am to let the dogs out. We took the morning easy and then went to The Jonses baby shower. I have to say that the games were quite entertaining. It is difficult to guess the girth of your pregnant friend. You don’t want to go too small or too big. It is also almost impossible to not use the word “baby” at a baby shower. I lost my pacifier when I was re-telling the story of how I won my sister’s pacifier. She lost both of ours later, so I felt vindicated. We ended the day having dinner with a friend at a local Italian restaurant. It was great as always, but the next time I decide that we should have an appetizer other than the “meat bread,” someone should just slap me.

Today was pretty much uneventful. Meine Schwester and I each had to work, so Mom stayed home. She read, relaxed, and would have hung out by the pool if we had one. I had some passport photos taken. I’ve decided I am one of those people that looks better in person than I do in photos. I sent away for a renewal. A pretty boring lunch. We had dinner at home then walked the dogs through the neighborhood. Watched some tv. Tomorrow looks to be just as exciting.


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