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Learn from other’s mistakes

This evening when meine schwester came home, we had a reenactment of this morning’s activities after she left.

I picked up my bag, keys, cell phone, and badge. I locked the side door. I shoved it in and turned the deadbolt because on Saturday, meine schwester locked her and her dog out of the house and then managed to jimmy the back door open. I don’t want someone else to pull that trick. I turned the lower lock on the front door as I opened it. Then, I noticed the flowers! Gawd, she is going to kill me. The sun was hot and they are looking sad.

I dropped all my stuff on the couch and grabbed the watering can. I was filling the watering can when I got a call. My car dealer called to tell me I am due for a service. I explained that I moved to California and asked them to take me off their list.

I picked up the watering can and went outside to water the flowers. I closed the door behind me to keep the dogs inside. The water went everywhere. I definitely overwatered a few of them. That is when I reached for the doorknob. Huh. That sucks. The door is locked. At least when Sarah was locked out she had her cell phone.

I walked into the garage and looked to see that yes, my car was still locked. The front door was locked and I had bolted the back door so that it can’t be jimmied open. I walked through the garage into the backyard. My bathroom window was open, but it is very tall and skinny. I’m not that slender.

Well, it is only 6 miles to work. I don’t have my badge, or money, or ID, but I should be able to get into work. I’d call meine schwester, but I don’t actually know her phone number. All phone numbers are stored on my cell phone and computer in my house. I look again at the back door.

That is when I see it! Meine Schwester and I had gone running yesterday. When we do that, she brings a back door key. Guess what idiot had left the key in the door when she used it last night! Guess who I love the most today! YES!!! She had left the key in the door! But wait! Does it work on both the knob lock and the deadbolt? YES!!!

So, when meine schwester got home, I set up the whole morning and reenacted it for her. She did flip out for just a moment when we were watering the plants and I asked her to open the door and it was locked. But she really appreciated the full gravity of the situation. If only I had learned from her Saturday mistake!