China vs Blues

I went to a hockey game last night. The Chinese National Women’s Ice Hockey Team against The Blues of Finland. The Blues have only two players who haven’t yet played on Finland’s national team. Needless to say, The Blues were a very difficult team to play and China didn’t fare well. More pictures on .Mac

I also took some pictures of practice the other day. It was more practice for not only the hockey players, but for the girl with the new camera. It is definitely going to take me a while to get the hang of it.

I met a couple of Chinese nationals who are working or going to university here in Finland. A nice bunch. One guy works at Nokia, one girl is getting her masters in business and will be working for a Canadian insurance firm in China. They all had heard about the game from an article in the local paper. We had a great discussion about some of the differences of living in Finland versus China. One of the main this is about how safe Finland seems to be. I still didn’t want to go walking too far in the woods alone today, but it is true. I feel pretty safe here–just not from wild animals.


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