Fascinated by German TV

I am sucked in by German television. I have one channel and it seems that they repeat the same shows once in German and once in English. I think the thing that threw me was one of the news programs where the people were speaking American instead of British english. It first hit me when they used the word “soccer” instead of “football. I’ve been enjoying watching the German versions and trying to figure out what they are talking about and then watching the English version and realizing how much German I don’t recall.

So far I’ve learned that Dubai is becoming a big tourist hotspot. Their oil reserves may run out in the next 15 years, so they are spending billions of dollars to reinvent themselves as both a tourist destination and Wall Street for the Middle East. I’m really interested in “The World” which is supposedly a set of man-made islands in the shape of the world.

I am bored of hearing about Angela Merkel though. She seems to be all over the headlines. She does deserve it, being the first East German born Chancellor, but still, I am more interested at the moment in the Benzene spill in Harbin since that is where the Chinese team will be going back to in two weeks.

The other channels available are kind of odd. For the last two days, CNN News has had a computer window in the middle of the screen. I can’t understand it since it is in Finnish, but there is one button that reads, “Ei” meaning “No,” but I can’t get the window to go away. Here is what I can figure out of the available stations.

1 Info Info about the Sports Institute in Finnish.
2 YLE TV1 Sometimes in English, sometimes in Finnish. See www.yle.fi. The news right now is in Finnish, but the weather was suddenly in English. First time I’ve actually seen the weather specifically for Finland! Has some English shows dubbed in Finnish.
3 ??? A weird game channel that is making no sense right now. See www.ylex.fi
4 MTV3 Right now it is a Finnish cooking show, now an exercise show with some woman in dreads. I think I watched Melrose Place on here with Finnish subtitles.
5 ??? Another strange game channel. Not game show. Kind of like the stuff you play in bars sometimes. Ryan and I were playing the other day. All the questions were in Finnish, but I think I got 6 out of 8 right.
6 SubTV see www.subtv.fi. Maybe a community “What’s Happening” thing? But I don’t see a lot of dates. I do see smilies being used. :) Maybe it is an online chat. I guess the picture of the person is the person responding at the other end of the computer. How very odd. Can you imagine having this for IRC or Lily?
7 TV Shop Home shopping network stuff. Right now they are selling the lateral thigh master. The funny thing is that I’m not sure what the actors are speaking, but it is dubbed in English and there are Finnish subtitles
8 MTV in English for the most part, occasionally odd songs I’ve never heard of.
9 CNN News In English, but annoying with that window
10 BBC News In English and is probably the best source of news if they would stop telling us about the starving people in Niger (pronounced Knee-Cher).
11 TV5 Europe Haven’t really watched this. Right now I think they are speaking French.
12 German News I think I’ve watched all the shows now.


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