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Two out of three top US Stories on CNN

An online conversation between me and Meine Schwester (MS).


Me: how much you wanna bet Dad asks us about it later since it is on the front page of

MS: oh man.

Me: third item down on “more news” on the right hand top.

MS: yeah, he will.

Me: ah. no worries. he couldn’t call us anyways:

MS: our phones are broken?

Me: I think it is better now. not sure. you could try calling someone.

MS: they work!

Me: you are funny. calling me. haha. funnier I guess that you are calling the east coast in the livingroom from an island in the office.

MS: hahah. thats true!


Can you hear me now?

So it is a bit of an over used joke now, but I’ve successfully had a stapedotomy. The picture here shows a stapes, the prosthesis to replace it, and a dime. So for the last few years, I’ve had otosclerosis. Basically, there was extra bone growing around the stapes in my inner ear. I had lost about 50% of my hearing in my right ear, especially the lower tones. This didn’t really bother me much when I was teaching teenage girls, but working with a bunch of soft spoken guys makes it difficult to have a conversation.

Laser stapedotomy is an outpatient surgery, but they kept me for observation overnight. The surgery involves moving the eardrum aside, using a laser to put a hole in the footplate, and replacing the stapes with a prosthesis. Newer prostheses are actually small pistons. So I am now officially on my way to becoming a bionic woman.

Recovery has been going fairly well. I’m not as dizzy as I thought I’d be. Maybe I’m just dizzy all the time and so I don’t notice it. I do have to move slowly so that I don’t throw myself off balance. Right now I don’t have any real hearing in that ear and the ringing is still there. Meine Schwester says that the ear canal is pretty full of junk right now, so she isn’t surprised that I can’t hear.

The best joke that anyone has used so far was my grandmother.
“I’ll have to figure out when I can go back to work this week.”
“So you are playing it by ear?”
“Pun intended?”
No response because she didn’t hear me. She just changed subjects. =)