I should have studied

I failed my test today. Just parts of it. But it means I have to go back in three weeks and take the test again. This time, maybe I should study. How does one study for a hearing test exactly?

I screwed up when I forgot my left from my right. That definitely didn’t help. But I had some weird results that look like I might have some nerve damage. The Doc didn’t look too thrilled when I told him that I’d lost my taste buds the day after I’d seen him before. That was a weird day. Meine schwester and I had gone out for Italian food. She kept raving about how amazing it was. How the bread was homemade. The sauce was incredible. The wine was fabulous. I had to ask her to taste my food. The italian dressing tasted like water. The sauce on my pasta tasted like…water. The wine tasted like……shocker…….water. The next day is when I started in with the dizziness.

So I guess the taste bud problem may have been from some nerve ending damage. I guess I forgot to mention that I had some weird problems with facial numbness early on. It also has gone away. I have some lovely TMJ problems going on too, just for fun. Haven’t been able to open my jaw more than one and a half finger widths for the last two weeks. Sucks for trying to eat. Good if I want to be on a diet. Eating gets hard and boring.

So, Doc looked into my ear with the tele-scope. It’s hooked up to a television and he can record it and look at it later. Also means I got to see my eardrum. I should have asked to look at the other one too so I could compare. The ear canal was kind of nasty as I haven’t really cleaned it out. The eardrum itself is somewhat transparent, but not enough so I could see the prosthesis. It has some scaring in the upper left, or at least that is what I’m assuming it was. I’ll probably have nightmares about it tonight, but it was really cool.

I guess the extreme dizziness may have been caused by some leakage early on. That was something I probably didn’t need to know. Just for fun, Doc decided to put some pressure on my ear drum and ask if I was feeling dizzy yet. I thanked him for toying with me and said it was just making me nervous.

Then came the final test. I should have worn better shoes instead of my knee length boots with the two inch heels. I had to stand with my feet together and close my eyes. Yes, that was all. I thought it was wicked easy. He was holding my shoulders slightly. Then he let go slowly. I didn’t think it would be as hard as it was. For more fun, he made me put one foot directly in front of the other and do the same stunt. I wavered more than I thought I would, but never came close to falling over. Then I had to walk toe to heel. I did okay with that, but it was hard with the boots. I’ve been practicing that on the parking lot edges. Guess I should have studied for the rest.

The kicker came when I realized he was not laughing at my jokes as much anymore. Then he pulled out the prescription pad and said that he was giving me an antihistamine. I asked which one. He said Prednizone. I looked quizically at him. He asked if I’d taken it before while he rifled through my chart looking for any big red flags. I said that I didn’t think I’d taken it, but it sounded really familiar. He finally admitted that it is an antihistamine steroid. BINGO! I knew why it was familiar. Perl takes it sometimes. Yes, my dog has allergies. I got a funny look from the doc. And when I took it today, I had a strong urge to wrap the pills in cheap, individually wrapped, slices of cheese.


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