This week in music

This week has been full of music. Wednesday night I went to see my friend Ed play his cello. He plays with Rupa and les poissons d’avril (The April Fishes). It was great. It is the second show that I’ve seen and was just as cool as the first. Initially, I was a little thrown off by the mixture. A cello, violin, drums, accordion, guitar, and singer. It sounds like an odd combination, but it really is quite amazing. Rupa sings a lot in French and it is really quite beautiful. I highly recommend going to see them play.

I stuck around with Ed and his friends for the second show which wasn’t nearly as good as Rupa. The second act should have been opening for Rupa. I don’t even know who she was, but it was just her and her guitar until she managed to borrow Rupa’s drummer for a while. At one point she made a comment that she wished she could have the cello player as well. We all just laughed in the back. Ed, it was tons of fun. I’ll try to get more of your old coworkers to show up the next time!

Friday night, I went to see Duncan Sheik. You’d remember him from the one hit wonder, “Barely Breathing” back in the late 90’s. I’ll probably get my butt kicked from someone for even mentioning the song. From what I can tell from the show last night, it seems to be sacrilege to even bring it up. A friend of mine is helping to manage his group, so I really went to see her. Sorry Duncan. It was nice meeting you, though.

It was a good show, but I have to say that my favorite moment was meine Schwester’s trip to the bathroom. She was on her way back when she heard a lot of clapping and started to run to get back in to see what the commotion was about. Just as she was about to enter, this guy with a water glass almost ran her over. She thought, “He looks kind of familiar.” When she walked in, everyone was starring at her. It was then that she realized the person she ran into in the hall was the guy that she had been watching sing all night and the show had just ended (well, it was that whole fake leave-until-enough-applause-for-an-encore thing). When we were introduced later we had a good laugh about it.


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