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And your little dog, too!

Seems that on the whole other side of the country, today was Coco’s bad day at the dog park. Meine Schwester and Coco were throwing the ball when another dog interfered. That is fine because Coco just leaves the toy until the Mean Dog is done playing with it. She was waiting patiently. The Mean Dog left the toy. Coco took it and the Mean Dog turned around and attacked her. Just to top it off, Mean Dog’s Friend joined in too. After getting the phone number of the emergency vet from some people, Meine Schwester left–but Mean Dog and Mean Dog’s Friend’s owner stayed!

Meine Schwester and Coco found a vet that she really likes. The Vet said that the advice she got in the park of using superglue was pretty horrible. Supposedly the owner who suggested this shows their dog. I just watched “Best in Show” last night and recommended that she watch it to see how reliable that information was. ;-)

She told the vet how the other dogs’ owner had told her that maybe Coco had bitten herself since the bite was on her mouth. That was also a ridiculously untrue statement to attempt to deflect blame. The Vet and The Receptionist asked what the dogs looked like and which park. Come to find out, The Receptionist’s dog had also been attacked by the same dogs and these dogs use this same vet!

About $85 later–much less than Perl’s bill, but less severe injuries as well–Coco was told she would be fine and to just keep the wound clean and wait for it to heal. Perl wishes her a quick recovery!


Thousand Dollar Dog

Have you ever seen something so pitiful in your life?

Perl spent last evening at the emergency clinic. Seems she and the dog next door decided to get into a spat. One minute they were playing, the next we were tearing them apart. It can’t be blamed on either dog, or is blamed on both. I think maybe the other dog was talking trash about Coco leaving.

I suspect that Perl got some good bites in, but so did the other dog. Perl got a couple of puncture wounds in her leg as well as one that tore the skin off the bone a little. That one now has a drain. Then she ripped up one of the pads on her paw pretty well. Both of those have stitches and her paw is wrapped in a bandage. Now she looks miserable and is in some pain, but she will be fine.