(photo by Karen T. Borchers / Mercury News) Yes. I went to a Madonna concert tonight. No. I didn’t know until around 9am this morning that I would be going to this extravaganza. Some friends mentioned that they had someone back out of a ticket and I jumped at the chance to go see her live. I highly recommend it. The woman is absolutely amazing. I can only hope to be that incredible when I am 47. I do wish I’d been to a concert when she and I were both younger, but I still can’t complain. It was more than a concert, it was a show. And I’d expect nothing less. The Mercury News has a better description of the show.

While walking up to the show, there were some Christian evangelists with a portable speaker system were preaching the word. Two hot, tattooed guys walked over and made out in front of them. I had to laugh. Apologies to my religious friends, but the scene was just humorous. I suspect they were there to also protest parts of the concert such as when she shows up pinned to a gigantic metal cross.

Going to a show this huge doesn’t have the same feel as one that is more intimate with people that I know playing, but it is definitely an experience. I’m glad that the opportunity presented itself as it was truly incredible!


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