More exercise than most of my life

This week, I managed to ride my bike to work four out of the five days. Forty miles right there. Yay! And then I played frisbee for about two hours at work on Friday night (aka, beer bash). I sucked at first, only hit glass once though, then got better as I played. More Yay! Since that wasn’t enough exercise, today I got up early, drove to the city, met up with one of my former students and we took the ferry out to Angel Island. We had a fabulous time biking the five miles around the island. More hills than I’m used to. Slid down a few, walked up some others. Absolutely amazing views. Ate our lunch while we watched some sailboats racing. You can see in the picture that one of the boats lost a sail as they all turned around the buoy. They had been in the lead. After the ride, we decided to hike halfway up the “mountain.” We rochambeaued which path to take. It seems that “Rochambeaued” is the new word for “rock-paper-scissors” whereas it used to mean “A method of resolving a dispute wherein two males take turns kicking each other in the testicles until someone wins.” (thanks I was just curious as to what it actually meant. Probably were about 45 minutes of hiking before landing in the ice cream line. Hiking is overrated–ice cream is underrated. Highly recommend going there. Wear more sunscreen though–got a little bit burnt on my shoulders. Don’t think I’ll do anything active tomorrow. Well… maybe the dog park….


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  1. Posted by Waterbury Girl on June 19, 2006 at 11:59 pm

    This was Rochambeau weekend in Waterbury, Southbury and Middlebury… crazy people dressed up to reenact Rochambeau’s march through the area waay back in 1781. I know at least one person who definitely felt rochambeau’d after having been required to volunteer for the events on Saturday. I sent her the urbandictionary definition — she would have laughed if she hadn’t been so miserable!


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