A Week In Maine

I’m finally back from my week in Maine. It was more free manual labor week than it was vacation, but I did have a great time. The goal was to renovate one of the cottages. I am now best friends with a crowbar and a hammer. I tore down walls and ceilings (got a nice bruise from the ceiling). I learned how to wire, shingle, and sand the floor. I am now a jack of all trades. Sister-in-law T and I built a scaffolding to work on. It was a bit sketchy, but we didn’t fall off.  Brother S’s family-in-law all came to help.  We couldn’t have done it without them or honorary Brother B!  See more photos of Camp Work.

It wasn’t all just work though. We did have a few nights of campfires, fireworks, and birthday celebrations. Days usually started around 8 am and we quit sometime mid afternoon. Quitting time for T and I was usually signalled by jumping in the lake for a swim to the dock and convincing someone to bring us some Woodchucks. This brought about the silly pictures of the days. See more photos of Camp Outtakes.

My challenge for the week was to see how long I could go without taking a shower. I know. It sounds disgusting, but like I said, we went swimming every day and we didn’t have a shower in any of the cottages. People before me have done it much longer than I did. It took a lot of effort, but I made it six whole days. I decided it was only fair to take a shower on Friday before “the girls” went off to get mani/pedis. They weren’t very good mani/pedis, but they were a good reason to clean up!

Once arriving in town, I didn’t go further than a quarter mile up the road from Saturday until Friday. Friday night we all went out to dinner before having birthday cake for Mom. Happy birthday, Mom! See more photos of Camp Fun.

Gracie deserves her own page. She loved the camera when I finally decided to pull it out. I got some great photos of her. Well, at least I think so! See more photos of Gracie.

I used my camera to take some random photos of things around camp as well as people. See more photos of Camp Things.

Frankie & Virgie ran the roller rink down the road. They’ve been good friends to my grandparents for decades. This is the first year that they haven’t made the trip up from Florida, and they are greatly missed. We are grateful that they let us stay in their camp for the week, but it seemed empty without them. See more photos of Frankie & Virgie.

I spent my last evening with iDad and P. P’s Aunt was in town. The woman is on fire! We spent the evening with my cousin and his family, hanging out by the pool. See more photos of Evening at iDad’s.



3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Tasha on July 11, 2006 at 3:52 pm

    I would like to go on the record of saying that I do not like getting my picture taken… not only for the fact that I look scary, but now there is evidence that I am a part/associated with this crazy Keenan Family Good pics excluding the ones I’m in. Great times but Exhuasting.


  2. Posted by Calandria on July 12, 2006 at 10:43 pm

    Durn it that we missed each other! I should have asked earlier if/when you were coming back…


  3. Posted by B~ on July 13, 2006 at 5:08 am

    Wow! You did all of that in a week?!?! N told me to check out the blogs to see all the Maine pictures and I thought I would get a little home sick but it didn’t. They just made me tired. By the way I’m typing this on a really cool computer;) thanks!


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