Was there any question: part 2

Again, why am I single?  Lets try this again.

I went to a dinner party last night.  I knew one person when I arrived.  I met a dozen cool new people.  They are grad students, engineers, teachers, entrepreneuers, loan processors, and even an intern who happens to work in my department who I hadn’t met.  They are from places like New York, New Jersey, Arizona, Nepal, India, Germany, and various Asian countries.  Some play instruments, many speak other languages.  They have fascinating stories.  We all laughed.  We ate great food.  We played charades.  We enjoyed music.  We drank good wine and great German beer.  We talked as a group.  We had small conversations.  We had a great evening.

Who got my phone number?  One of the three girls there.  It is really hard to find female friends around here.  I have lots of friends, but most of them are married, in a relationship, or aren’t really the kind that you can call up an hour before a dinner party and say, “Hey, come with me!”  I’d gotten a phone call before the party asking if I could bring some female friends with me to help balance the “sausage festival”.  I wasn’t sure who to call.  Now I have someone to call.  I miss my female friends who used to go out with me.

So who did I take home?  The 18-year-old intern.  I couldn’t let him walk a mile to the train station and then three miles home on the other end at two in the morning.  So I drove him to his corporate housing.  It was a little bit out of the way, but it was like having one of my students there.  I would have done the same thing for any of them.  I’ve always said that I don’t have the motherly insticnt.  It is a lie.  It kicks in whenever I’m in situations like that.  I miss my kids.

Some day, I’ll catch on to how this is all really supposed to work.  Until then, I’ll keep entertaining you with my misadventures!  ;-)


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