Now and Zen

Spent the day in Sharon Meadow in Golden Gate Park.  Went to the Alice Now and Zen Fest.  The weather was absolutely fabulous.  I could have brought fewer clothes.  Coppertone Sport 50 is my friend as I managed to get by being in the sun for seven hours with barely any color at all.  Got there early enough to throw my blanket in the “second row” on the ground–about ten feet from the stage.  One of my favorite former students joined me with two of her friends.  We had a blast.  Five bands in five hours.

The day started off with Carbon Leaf.   The lead singer was hot and has a nice voice.  You might have heard “Learn to Fly” on the radio.  I also enjoy “What About Everything.”  I think I’ll get more of their songs.

Next up was Augustana.  I love their song “Boston.”  I also enjoy, “Stars and Boulevards.”  I wasn’t expecting the teeny bopper crowd though.  They moved right on up to the front and started screaming at the shaggy headed boys on stage.  Someone might need to get them a hair cut.

Third was Blue October, an electro-pop band based in the UK.  I do have to wonder about a band where the lead singer is wearing more eye makeup than I am.  I did enjoy the music and will probably pick up more of it.  The teeny bopper girls made way for the girls in black with angst.  You probably recognize their song, “Hate Me.”

And then there came Gnarls Barkley.  For a duo, they had a gigantic ensemble who all appeared wearing what seemed to be those white outfits used in Karate, except for Gnarls Barkley wearing orange.  The girls in black were replaced with girls with corn rows.  They were all crazy for “Crazy.”

Last but not least, and still as amazing as ever, The B52’s took stage.  Now the corn row girls were replaced with people at least ten years my elder.  I didn’t really expect to be in a mosh pit of late 40, early 50 somethings, but the trio beside us were jumping around like they were 16.  The cute British guy (he had a girlfriend) next to me made a commented about them as well.  The show ended with a great rendition of “Love Shack.”

Overall, I have to rate this a fantastic day.  I’ve decided that this is the year of concerts.  Next up: The Bridge School Benefit Concert.


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