Atkins Diet

The Atkins Diet is working–I think. No, not for me, silly, for my cats. They are starting to look younger and thinner. They are playing more. I hear jingling bells in balls rolling through the living room. Scratching the scratching pad. Jumping everywhere. Pablo has realized he likes looking out the kitchen window. Mitsy can jump on the bed again and is starting to squeeze Perl out of position. They seem happy and healthy.

Tonight, I’m sitting in the middle of the loveseat again. Let me remind you that I have two loveseats, but only one ever gets used. First I was being squeezed in by Mitsy and Pablo. Then Pablo left and Perl arrived. Now I seem to be back to status quo with Perl on the left and Pablo on the right. Mitsy is lying spread eagle on the floor knitting the air. Her belly doesn’t flap against the floor anymore when she walks. You can almost see her waist. That hasn’t happened in years.

They hate being inside cats, but I don’t worry about them anymore and they don’t get into any trouble. When I’m home on weekends, I let them lay in the sun on the front deck. That seems to quench their thirst for being outside. Pablo realized he could get on the railing this weekend. Then he started looking for his escape. That made me nervous, but he didn’t actually go through with it, so all is good.

Perl has been running with me lately. She and I are pretty well paced. Turn the tunes on my phone and go. Stop occasionally to pick up poo. We don’t run far, but it is better than nothing. Today we ran in the morning and at night.

Overall, they really are good pets. And if their personalities reflect my personality, boy am I in trouble!


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