Another random night

It was another Friday night beer bash. Just before I went, I read an email that said there were four free tickets to a Duncan Sheik concert outside a door. I knew that two of my friends were going to be there, so I strolled by the door and picked up a ticket. Met some new people at the beer bash. Well, not new people. They work on my floor but I hadn’t talked to them before. They all know me because they walk by my office to get to the bathroom. I walked back to my building with one and mentioned the concert. He decided to pick up one of the tickets. I chatted with P who decided that she and B would come along as well. Yay! I filled four empty seats.

The concert wasn’t that great. I really don’t like his music much. However, after the show, we hung out with some of the band members. We had a great time chatting with Doug Yowell, the drummer. Really nice guy. Now that his tour with Duncan is done, he is joining up with Suzanne Vega’s tour. Chatted a little bit with one of his guitarists too. We had Duncan sign a CD for the person who gave away the tickets. “Sorry you missed the show. D. Sheik.” I’ve got to remember to give it away.


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