Quilts and Chicano

Spent Sunday afternoon with Chica-C and Chica-V at the de Young Museum in SF. Otherwise known as the “The Spaceship.” Saw some fantastic exhibits.

The Quilts of Gee’s Bend – ” features a selection of more than 60 quilts made by four generations of African American women who inhabit a strip of land formed by a deep loop in the Alabama River, about thirty miles from Selma.” This exhibit made me realize how much waste their is in my life as well as how much I appreciate the quilts that my mother, grandmother, and aunt have made me out of the scraps left from the clothing they made. They mean so much more to me now.

Guess I managed to see the last day of this fantastic exhibit. Chicano – “Three distinct but related exhibitions present Chicano/Chicana life, culture, and painting as it has emerged in the wake of the Chicano movement for political and social change during the 1960s and 1970s.” The colors and life of these paintings were absolutely incredible. Some of the paintings were so realistic that we thought they were photographs.

Armando Rascon: Naco Nocturnes has an exhibit of tortilla size paintings representing Mexican words. Our favorite was “femine male” painted as a pink flamingo.

Recent Prints by Ed Ruscha was a collection of interesting photos and prints. The strangest were the photos with blank spaces where words are supposed to go over the photos, and the words are in a title off to the side. They were rather disturbing.

Ended the day by going to Patxi’s Chicago Pizza with Chico-C, Chico-B, and Chico-K. As always, a fun group and a good time. Fabulous pizza. I had the last of it for dinner tonight.


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