For a friend’s birthday, I went up to the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco and saw OK Go in concert. I’d never really heard of them before, but they were awesome.

We were hanging out in the back of the room. A crew member came up to me and said that after this song they were going to have to roll out a table into the middle of the floor for the next song. I asked why, and he said that they were going to play on it. So when the song ended, I broke up the crowd to get the table—an eight foot circle about two feet off the floor—through the crowd. Doing so meant that I was standing right next to the table.

It was amazing. I was kind of disappointed that they are all so short, but still, it was incredible to have a front row view. Seriously, I had to duck a few times to not get elbowed by them. Absolutely awesome! Waved to my friends who were wondering what had happened to me. =)

The thing that they are known for and that you have to see are their videos. Especially the treadmill one. I highly recommend you look them up.

After, we went to R Bar down the road. Had a few drinks then headed home. Overall, another fabulous evening!


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