Fall Colors

I was just out taking pictures of fall colors.  I know. You all don’t think we get any color here in northern California, but we do. It is just somewhat rare, and the trees all change at different rates. Some lost their leaves a month ago, others are in the process of losing their leaves now, and the hardwoods probably won’t lose their leaves until January. As you look around, you see a little splash of color here and there. I will admit that it is not even close to the fabulous views in New England. There is no beating the color there. I was disappointed to see there wasn’t a lot of color in eastern europe either. I wonder where else in the world gets color like home.

While I was taking photos, I heard a crack. I turned just in time to see this tree fall. Yes, it made a sound cause I was around, even though it wasn’t in the forest. I immediately ran over to make sure that no people or pets were lying underneath. Lucky enough, there were no cars either. Usually there are a couple of cars parked in those spots.

Met a couple of neighbors who I didn’t know exist. They came out of the woodwork when they heard the sound of the tree hitting the ground. They did kind of wonder what I was doing walking around the complex with a camera at the exact time that the tree fell. I only wish I’d thought to take pictures of it falling. One guy said that there are a bunch of these trees around the complex and they were all planted at the same time. Wonder if any others have rotted at the bottom. Guess we will find out.


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