Thanksgiving Wii

Spent my second Thanksgiving ever in California. I usually go home for the holidays, but since I just had a week away, my budget and pets decided I should stay home this week and catch up on everything. It is a funny thing that the most important thing about Thanksgiving is having a place to eat. I had considered reenacting my previous Cali t-day by planning a trip, failing to go on it, and eating turkey and stuffing at Boston Market. Lucky for me, the family of a coworker allowed me to have dinner with them. I did, however, drive by the same Boston Market on the way to their house.

Dinner was absolutely amazing. M—who is trained as a chef, but is a stay at home mom currently—spent the last two days preparing this meal. A turkey that had been brined and prepared for more than 24 hours was absolutely succulent paired with homemade cranberry sauce. Stuffing that was made from bread that was buttered and toasted so many times that we should have invited a heart specialist. Mashed potatoes, squash, and green beans that were solid and savory rounded out the meal. I even got a plate to-go that I will be eating again today!

We tried one of the bottles of Hungarian wine that I picked up. A red. Seemed more like a table wine as it was very clear and fairly easy to drink. It had a strong grape taste like grape juice, and was a little bit bitter, but it wasn’t horrible. I’ve definitely had better.

To top off the evening, one of their guests had brought the infamous Wii. I’ve been wondering what all the buzz on Digg has been, and now I know. I have never wanted a video game player in my life, but now I NEED the Wii! We played Wii Sports. You create your character, and of course we all attempted to make them in our own likeness. Mine ended up looking like Peppermint Patty. Then you play games against other people and swing the controller around as if you were actually playing that sport.

We played Tennis, Bowling, Golf, Baseball, and Boxing. I definitely got an aerobic workout while boxing. Sadly enough, it couldn’t quite keep up with my mad kickboxing skillz. Just like real golf, my long game was much better than my short game. I’m finally catching on to how to get the spin to work while bowling. Playing tennis made me think there is a court outside my house and I should go play. I don’t like video games because they are so inactive. I’ve always loved the ones at arcades like Dave & Busters where you actually ski, or ride motorcycles—anything that is actually active and moving. I hate thumb-workout games. I love the Wii. It is everything that has kept me from buying a console.

Overall, it was a great Thanksgiving spent with friends, video iChatting with family, and getting a workout instead of sleeping. Can’t wait to see everyone for Christmas!


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