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I finally got the pictures of the Halloween pumpkins from A. As you can see from the first picture, there were a couple of us who tried out our carving skills. Some used the patterns given, others didn’t. I didn’t. I think it is against my religion. I made two pumpkins. The first one was pretty normal and happy. The second one has obviously been drinking a bit too much and is the most depressed pumpkin I’ve ever made!



H&J and I went back out and grabbed hot chocolate and dessert in Nob HIll, then drove around the city a bit. Stopped at the waterfront for a couple of pictures before heading to the airport. If I have time, they should be uploaded before I get on the plane, otherwise, I’ll add them when I get off.

Thanks H&J for a fabulous weekend! Can’t wait to see pictures of the baby in February! =)

Columbia River Gorge

Today, we drove along the Columbia River Gorge and stopped at Multnomah Falls. They were spectacular, and I’ve added a few pictures. It was amazingly cold today, and getting out of the car was a difficult thing to do, but I’m glad we did. The falls were really beautiful.

It was another blue sky day here in Portland. Thanks to that, I had a fantastic view of Mount Saint Helen and Mount Hood. Mt St Helen is a bit boring, but looks like it would make a good ski slope (no trees) if it weren’t for it being active. Mt Hood was crazy big. I forget that we have volcanos here in the continental U.S.

Went to the Pearl District for dinner and to use our free $15 from American Express from yesterday. Portland is really a lovely city. I could see myself living here if the weather were as sunny as it was this weekend. I do hate the cold though. H&J can confirm that it was cold, having just come from Troy, NY. I’m not sure how I will survive New England for Christmas, although the weather here right now is exactly the same as where I’m headed, so I guess I’ll survive.