Life 5: Me 3

The world and I are battling today. It is still winning, but I’m getting closer.

Life 1: Me 0
I didn’t even know I was playing. It was 0230 this morning. There was an explosion that I didn’t hear. A flash of light. Then the power went out. I woke up around 0530, realized my alarm clock wasn’t on, went to the window and saw that the outside lights were off too. It wasn’t just me, so I went back to sleep.

It was 57˚ when I woke up. That was in my apartment. It was 32˚ (27˚ with the windchill) outside while I was walking the dog. Those stats are thanks to H who looked them up for me since I didn’t have power. To top it off, the complex was planning on shutting off the water again at 0900 for more valve replacements. So not only did I not have power, but the water was going soon too.

Life 1: Me 1
What the world doesn’t know is that I cleaned out my fridge on Saturday and there really isn’t much of anything in it. Guess I’m going to lose some milk and four leftover eggs from the brownies last night. Oh, and the frozen bacon. Guess I should count the brie I was eating last night too. Also, I already had stuff at work to take a shower.

Life 2: Me 1
Showered, checked my email, and started drinking. A typical day at work. Now you would think that starting my day off with mimosas and massive amounts of chocolate would be a point for me, but I can already feel the extra five pounds of fat on me. We had our department holiday party at 1030. I managed to open two bottles of champagne without hitting anyone with the cork or spilling any. I couldn’t look at any more sugar for the rest of the day.

Life 2: Me 2
Yesterday, I preemptively signed up to join the gym today. So at 1520, I had my gym consultation. My blood pressure was 96/66 instead of 120/80. It took her two tries to find it. You’d think being Irish it would be wicked high. My resting heart rate was 70 instead of normal of 74. I think I might be a ghost.

Life 3: Me 2
When I got back from the gym, I received an email. The calendars that I ordered were cancelled. I spent the next hour recreating my calendar and writing bugs which included the following:

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Spend four hours creating the perfect calendar. Labor: $160
2. Order n copies of the calendar: $XXX
3. Receive email four days before you need them saying that the order is cancelled: free
4. Try the steps to find out why it was cancelled and see that the calendar is blank: Priceless

Life 4: Me 2
My nightly builds aren’t building. Well, they do if I log in and tell them to build, but won’t if I leave it up to the cron job. What is the sense in that? I have yet to figure out why.

Life 5: Me 2
My power was still off when I got home. It is estimated to be fixed between 0200-0400 tomorrow. My condo was 56˚. It will just get colder. When I left this morning, they had estimated it would be back on between 0800-1000 this morning. It wasn’t.

I walked the dog, then went to Bean Scene. Had some hot chocolate, used their wifi, and wrote Christmas cards. I wasn’t going to do Christmas cards this year. I hadn’t made any, but I had some old ones from Hawaii. I figured that since there was nothing to do at home, I could at least send out the cards that I have. If you don’t get one, I’m sorry. I only had a very limited number. They will be worth more later!

They kicked me out of the coffee shop at 2015. Too early to go to sleep.

Life 5: Me 3
I wandered down the road and found Fibbar McGee’s. I grabbed a Guinness and a table. I finished my Christmas cards And then…. I found wireless!!! Wahoo, blogging in a bar. What could be better? Well, to top it off, my friend M came by to keep me company. I definitely get a point for this one!

Next-door-neighbor S just called. It is still going to be cold and dark when I get home, but I left a candle and lighter by the door.

M says tomorrow will be better.

I hope so, cause right now, I have no electricity and no Christmas presents.


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  1. Posted by Raechel on December 21, 2006 at 3:13 pm

    update your amazon wishlist!


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