Ugly rental

Life and I have continued to battle. On Wednesday, I took Myrtle in for her forty thousand mile checkup and to get her seat heaters fixed. Before the shuttle came, I drooled over a VW Eos again. They had a red one that might have convinced me if it also had the sports package—the only way I’d get an automatic is if it has the shifting paddles on the steering wheel. I let one of the dealers try to sweet talk me. He told me about a returning customer discount that he could get me and to ignore the dealer markup. I let him give me car porn—a dvd to try to entice me.

I went to work. Around lunch, I tried to view the DVD. Sadly enough, it didn’t work on one of my computers which required me to file a couple bugs. No new EOS for me.

Later in the afternoon, the dealership called and told me to pick up a rental car, it was going to take longer than they thought.

Thursday morning, I was driving an ugly grey Dodge Neon rental car to work. I was singing to whatever was on the radio, pigtails bopping to the beat. Sitting at the light to turn onto campus, I saw a nice silver car next to me. I looked closer. Mercedes SLK Kompressor. I took a peak at who the driver was. I was caught. The driver smiled at me.

I smiled back to our CEO.

I totally got caught checking him and his car out while singing to myself in an ugly rental car. I turned on the cold air and kept singing in an attempt to keep my face from becoming bright red. I took out my pigtails when I parked in an attempt to disguise myself. I’m not sure that is possible with the male/female ratio the way it is. Maybe he will feel pity on me and give me a new car as a bonus. I can dream, can’t I?


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  1. Posted by Anonymous on January 7, 2007 at 1:52 am

    don’t ya hate it when that happens..laughing w/you cuz it’s happened to me



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