Rupa and the April Fishes

S and I went to The Independent last night to see Rupa and the April Fishes. We were planning on going to the city anyways, and I had forgotten that they were having their CD concert last night. Friday night I had a dream about my friend Ed who plays cello in the band, so Saturday I was wondering why I had dreamed about him that night. Then, just before going out, I remembered that I had received an email from him at the beginning of the month. I had enough time to get there. The website said there were tickets at the door.

So we showed up when the doors open and there was a sign that they were sold out. Suck! We managed to end up in the beginning of the line for people who were hoping to get tickets if they offered some after people went in. Security Guard kept moving our line back further because we were confusing the line of Will Call people.

I tried calling Ed. I didn’t realize, but when I was accessing my address book with my gloves on, I managed to get an old phone number and some guy named Steve in St. Louis. We had a nice chat. He said I sounded hot and that he doesn’t know Ed. He couldn’t get us tickets to the show.

Then I saw Ed walk by. He didn’t have any extra tickets, but he said he’d try. He called back a little while later and said that it was over sold out and there was no way we were going to get in. Bummer. But when he called, I realized that I do have his phone number as well as his old number.

Security Guard finally got fed up with our line and made us disband. So S and I went over to the line of people going in and I started asking if people had extra tickets. Found someone with one extra ticket, and I bought it. A few minutes later, I found another group with one extra ticket. Managed to buy both tickets for face value. There are honest people in the world. Of course for one of the tickets, I only had a $20 and the guy said he’d take that. I reminded him that was illegal, and he gave me $10 in change.

Once we were in, I texted Ed to say we’d gotten in and not to ask how. But I didn’t know which phone number to text because all it showed was Ed Cell. So I sent the message to both. This began my evening of texting Steve from St. Louis. I think I’m supposed to call him later today. We will see.

We ran into a couple of other people who had managed to get in. One couple asked if I’d had to show my breasts. Against popular opinion, I had only asked people for tickets and exchanged money.

The concert was good. I enjoyed the two opening bands: El Radio Fantastique, and Fuga! It would have been a little bit better if there were seats. My legs were killing me by the end of the night. There was an after party that I should have gone to, but I hurt and S was tired from working all day. Will have to party some other day.


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