Silly Perl

My dog has done a number of bone-headed things lately.

1. Limping for attention
This is one of her favorite tricks. She chews on her paws because of allergies. Some days are worse than others. While we were walking today, every time she encountered someone she wanted attention from, she started limping. Today it was the guy replacing the sprinkler heads. You should have seen her the day she had her leg bandaged and the Elizabethan collar on her head. She had a whole crew of telephone company guys cooing.

2. Pretending she understands me
Perl likes to pretend she comprehends what I am saying. We’d come back from our walk. I stopped at the bottom of the stairs to talk to my neighbor. Perl ran up the stairs and started her high pitched whining. I said, “Perl, come down here and enjoy the fresh air. Stop whining about the cat food dishes, they will still be there in five minutes.” At this, she walked down the stairs, stood between us and glared at us with a look that said, “Fine. I’m here, but I’m not going to enjoy it. Are you done yet?”

3. The heart-wrenching goodbye
Whenever I leave, Perl gives this look that makes me want to tear out my own heart and eat it. She won’t come say good bye. She stands half turned on the way to go to sleep somewhere and gives me a look that says, “Fine. You are leaving. But I’m not going to say good bye. Don’t even think about it.” If I try to walk near her, she walks away and curls up on her bed looking like I just beat her.

4. Houdini
I lost my dog in my condo. At 835 sq ft, this should be an impossible task. I couldn’t see her, anywhere, but I finally heard her whining. After having checked the closets and starting on the cupboards, I walked into the den. The kitty litter box lives here. It is hiding behind one of those three fold partitions. Perl had squeezed behind it to sneak a kitty tootsie roll. In her attempt to back out, she had closed the partition against the desk. She was now stuck in a space barely the size of her.

She hasn’t tried to sneak any more kitty tootsie rolls.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Really, Perl is acting out and moping because she misses me terribly.


  2. Posted by the intern that talks to dogs on February 22, 2007 at 5:35 pm

    Read the strip Garfield, but without anything Garfield or Odie “say” to John, rather, just him talking. See for examplesThat’s us. Well, you more, because my pets live with my parents. I need new pets of my own or something.


  3. Perl definitely does miss Z. I miss Z walking Perl.Jon talking is very surrealistic. Just the other day, I caught myself talking to Perl out in public. It was sad when it dawned on me that the people without pets just thought of me as crazy.


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