Beautiful day…for a battery

Today was an absolutely incredible day. 80 degrees and sunny. Every window and door open. Neighbor K and I went to Fort Funston. It was her and Triny’s first time there. She and Perl had a blast. We walked up and down the beach. Perl was bad when she chased a horse and started barking. Had to walk on the leash for a while.

Then I was completely useless most of the afternoon. Watched some tv. Ate some cheese and crackers. Did some laundry.

On Friday night, at 10 pm, I attempted to go back to work, however, my car decided not to start. Over the last few weeks, it has become harder and harder to start. I have been in denial right to the point where I let the battery drain completely. Neighbor S let me borrow her car.

I successfully ignored it Saturday by shopping.

I successfully ignored it Sunday by going to the dog park.

Around 5 pm, reality finally settled in and it said that I should get my battery replaced because I wouldn’t have time to do it during the week.

I called AAA and they said that they have the battery replacement service, so I asked for that. When the AAA guy looked at my battery, he apologized cause they don’t carry that one, but jumped my car so I could go to Sears.

I went directly to Sears. I did not pass Go. I did wish to collect $200, but alas that didn’t happen either. As I was leaving my place, I realized that my odometer read 41,666. That couldn’t be good.

I drove into the bay and was politely told that they closed at 6 pm. It was currently 6:30. As I backed out, the manager came and asked what I needed. After hearing it was just a battery, he told me to pull back in. The poor guy who had told me that they were closed was told to replace my battery.

I felt like a complete schmuck for having waited so long to get it fixed and then making this guy stay late. But I did have a good time talking to them all as some of them were just goofing around getting things put away. All in all, I was very apologetic, but was entertained.


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