Shutdown Day(s)

I turned Shutdown Day into Shutdown Weekend. I turned my computer off at midnight on Friday and didn’t turn it on again until 9 am Monday morning. Fifty seven hours without The ‘Net. I’ve gone longer (10 days), so it wasn’t a big deal. This is the first time I’ve done it while not traveling though. So what did I do?

– Walked my dog (1 mile)
– Cleaned and did laundry
– Hiked with Neighbor S (4 miles)
– Walked my dog (1 mile)
– Called friends and family. Even called High School Friend V. No longer his number.
– Walked to downtown for dinner with The Kid (3 miles)
– Played Scrabble with The Kid and Neighbor S. I lost to Neighbor S.
– Slept until 8
– Walked my dog (1 mile)
– Slept until noon
– Shopping. Bought fruit trees. Dwarf apple and cherry.
– Walked my dog (quick like bunny. I’m late!)
– Met up with R-zilla and Girlfriend-I to see Journey From The Fall. I highly recommend it. Come to find out, Girlfriend-I and Travel Buddy P both were Boat People. Sad story, but gives me some idea as to what people went through.
– Slept until 7
– Went to Dentist. Yay! Clean teeth!
– Got to work by 9am. Still at work now. Time to go home. Night!


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  1. Posted by the professional raconteur and man about town on March 27, 2007 at 2:10 pm

    Shutdown weekend? Show-off :P I had trouble getting through one day of computer avoidance, though I did make it if you don’t get too technical about it. For example, I did use my Tivo. which is in theory a computer, and I used the Tivo home media extender to listen to music from my computer on the Tivo. Does that count?I remember when we used to have that day where one turns off the TV. Wonder what happened to that. Probably a great victory of marketing in making it disappear. I’ve considered giving TV up off and on, but it is quite embedded in our culture, for example, the SuperBowl and such. So instead I’m saving for an HDTV. Hmm.


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