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Lucky number thirteen

Just found this post on Calandria’s site. Laughed hysterically at the picture of my thirteenth birthday party. I turned thirteen on Friday the Thirteenth and invited thirteen friends over for a slumber party. It was the first day that Top Gun was out on video and one of the girls’ parents owned the video store in town, so we were lucky enough to watch it that night. I had on one of my favorite outfits—I wish there had been fashion police in Maine. I enjoyed reading her description of seventh grade. Tough time for all of us.


Old photos

One of the posts on Calandria’s site made me think about when we were all in school. Here are some photos of me and two fellow bloggers.

Yes, that is me in the center looking at the camera looking all cool and collected in my bright yellow shorts with the suspenders. Calandria, I think that might be you in the red t-shirt.

Could that possibly be Kennedy’s Mom looking fashionable and windswept in the blue t-shirt? Why yes it is. What magazine cover was this a pose for?

Hard to see you, Calandria, but I think that is you in the lower right with the red t-shirt. I didn’t have any good pictures of all of us together sadly.

I think this was from some 8th grade play day.


I was listening to NPR last night and the founder of Salesforce was talking about Foundation. He launched Salesforce with the idea that they would give 1% Time, 1% Equity, and 1% Product to those in need. In the beginning, it wasn’t much, but as they’ve grown, so has their foundation.

On my drive home this evening, I started wondering how I could apply the 1/1/1 model personally. Can I give 1% of my time? That is about 88 hours of community service per year. Approximately one 8 hour day per month. How about 1% of my equity? Lets estimate that at about $50 each month. I could do that. I’m not really sure what to do about 1% Product, so I’m going to skip that.

Now lets do the math. Estimating from my statistics, there are about 30 people who read my blog. If each of you donated 1 day a month, you could log 2,880 hours in a year. And if you each gave $50 a month to your favorite charities, that is $18,000 per year.

Not so bad, eh? I think I’m going to start by making a list of charities I’d like to donate to and giving them each a month or two. And then signing up to help with something…