Archive for April 18th, 2007

Myth Busters

The guys from Myth Busters are standing outside of my office building talking to a group of people. They have visitor badges on, so they must be here for something. Curiosity is killing us all. How bad is it that a group of us just stood looking out at them as if they were fish in a fish tank. I think we are the fish though.

Photo by someone else. I’d attribute it to them if I knew who it was.

I ate lunch at the table next to them. Not that exciting, but it is something. =)


Life Lessons

These life lessons are pretty amusing.

Guilt Art

Art of waste we create. Makes me wonder what I can stop or start doing. I’m going to start with one thing… I put a bunch of paper bags in my trunk and I’m going to try to make sure to use them when I go shopping. Once the paper bags all wear down, I’ll try to bring something more permanent. What one thing are you going to try to do?