Big Sur Marathon

I completed my first marathon relay today.

Neighbor K suckered me into a five person relay team. I was very reluctant, but you all know I’m a sucker for trying something new. We drove down to Monterrey yesterday and picked up our bibs, ate the pasta dinner, drove the course, and attempted to go to sleep early. Get five women in a room, trying to sleep is a joke! No one slept well on the pull out couch or murphy bed.

Woke at 3:30 am to catch the 4 am bus to the start line. I went to the first leg. Arrived and stood around in the cold, dark, and fog waiting for sunrise and the start.

I have to say, it was incredible. The mass of people all grouped on the hill ready to run. Trying to run with a crowd is definitely a challenge. And meine Schwester was right, I got caught up in the moment, and my first mile was done in 9’26”. I averaged out to 10’10” per mile over my segment, which wasn’t bad considering I had to walk a little ways to get rid of a side cramp. Too much excitement. At least I wasn’t throwing up in the bushes like one girl, or pissing on a tree like many guys.

I had a little bit of a hill and just at that moment, a nice rap song came up on the ipod and I ran faster. It was run passing people for a short distance. I wanted to sprint the end, but I’d put out too much in the beginning and just couldn’t pull it out. I also shouldn’t have done that big run on Thursday. The Sunday before, maybe, but not so close to the race.

Our baton was actually a slap bracelet. I managed to find the next team member, Neighbor K’s cousin, S. I slapped the bracelet on her wrist and away she went. I could have waited there for the bus, but it was going to be another three hours before they were allowed to move, so I decided to just walk to the next stop, another five miles away. I walked it pretty consistently and made it in less than an hour and a half. Wow, do I hurt! I logged a good 10.39 miles today.

Cousin S was there when I reached the end of the second leg. We rode the bus together and eventually arrived at the finish line. Ate a lot of fruit and drank a lot of water. Found the other three members of the Quick Chics. Our team finished with a time of 4:59:13. Overall, I think that is just amazing that we made it in under five hours. Of course the winner of the marathon did it alone in about two and a half.

I still haven’t really gotten the running bug, but I’m trying to remember that it did make me feel good. It also meant that I came home, made a big plate of steak and potatoes and didn’t feel guilty at all.

Here is what my run looked like. The second leg was basically flat averaging 16’43”.


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