Archive for May 2nd, 2007

Backdated post

I’ve added a new post, A Luthier’s Poem, but backdated it to when I actually started writing it. Probably one of the hardest things I’ve decided to write about yet. I should have finished it earlier, but I also needed some time to let it sit. Please, if you read it, understand that it is okay to laugh at the funny parts and cry at the sad ones. We did.


Bike Day

Rode my bike to work today. Trying to remind myself that it makes me feel good and isn’t all that much time out of my schedule. It was a pretty easy ride after everything I did on Sunday. I have to say that I own more spandex than I ever thought I would in my entire life. Spandex for riding my bike. Spandex for running. Spandex for kickboxing. Craziness.

Added photos to Chameleon

If you are interested, I added Omar’s photos today to Chameleon.