My Mii: 7823 6186 2182 4744

So I now own a Wii. It happened by accident two weeks ago. I was at work on a Saturday, eating lunch and talking shop. My phone rang. It was Co-worker J. I figured it was important, so I interrupted my conversation and answered it.

“Hey, what’s up?” I was curious because I knew he was out of town.
“I’m in a store and they have more than one Wii. You want one?”

It was important! How could I say no to that proposition?


The following Monday, my Wii arrived in my office. I couldn’t hook it up until a couple days later. Even then, my computer wasn’t connecting to the internet, so I couldn’t get my Wii online. Tonight, however, all the stars are aligned. Send me your Mii number if you have one.

I love Wii Sports. Of course, my Wii fitness age is 65. That is pretty sad. I am having problems figuring out how to get the boxing to work. My skills are good, it just won’t keep up. I’m pretty good at golf and boxing. I don’t really like baseball. The tennis is fun. Guess it is pretty realistic in that respect.

Hope to play with you all soon!


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