Bachelor party

I attended my first bachelor party on Saturday. No, I did not jump out of a cake. No, I did not remove any clothing. It was a mixed group event for The Bachelor, Michigan—we will always have Boston—S.

We spent Saturday hiking Mount Diablo. Carried a picnic lunch to the top. Three of us split up the lunch stuff into our backpacks. One of the other guys did offer numerous times to carry my pack for me, but I needed to do it. I wanted the extra challenge. Truthfully, I did it for my sister. I was always the weak one and she was the strong one. The brains, but no strength. I think of her as the only girl having to carry a forty pound rucksack on a march with a bum leg and I realize that I’m healthy and shouldn’t shy away from things that are physically difficult. She is working on getting more degrees than I have, and I’m working on being stronger.

I did take the light stuff though. I’m not stupid.

The weather was absolutely perfect, the sunscreen was effective, and the company was fabulous. We were on the same trail as a trail run, so we had to move to the side often to let a runner pass. About a mile away from our car, a runner passed, and I caught the bug and started running too. I just had this burst of energy. I think it freaked out the guy I was running behind and my friends joked about whether or not I got his number when I met back up with them. Then The Bachelor said he’d race me for the car. He, I and J ran off. I tired out before they did, but it was a lot of fun.

We stopped and played in some wind caves, and headed home to clean up for dinner. Left Bank at Santana Row, we ate, drank and were merry. Someone commented about how the waiter made sure to mention his girlfriend and I got a laugh when I asked, “Was I hitting on him?” I didn’t think I was, but usually that is what prompts that kind of information from total strangers. It was a good dinner, including a couple rounds of musical chairs ensuring that everyone had a chance to talk to everyone else. I like the rotating kind of table.

After dinner drinks were had at V Bar. We found a lush seating area and took it over from the two couples making out. We considered telling one girl that she might have beer goggles. Newly engaged L joked about sidling up to the other guy and saying, “Honey, it’s time to go. We only have the babysitter for another half hour.”

We were all exhausted from the hike earlier in the day, and probably a bit dehydrated. Thanks to the exhaustion, we skipped the nudie bar portion of the night and went home. Today we met up again for lunch. In CT, my hangover food was McDonalds. Here it is dim sum. Well, that is if I’d been hungover. One good thing of all this exercise is my lack of interest in drinking large quantities of alcohol. Still, I found it interesting after a discussion last week about how here we have to have a different type of cuisine for every meal whereas on the east coast it was something we did maybe once a week.

Lunch ended and The Bachelor was sent safely (although possibly with a headache) back to his fiancée in Michigan. Next up, the wedding!


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