Archive for June 10th, 2007


Mitsy has been on a diet for a while now and has lost a lot of weight. Meine Schwester keeps asking for updated photos, so here you go.





I’ve been making an effort lately to try to dress up when I go out. I get to wear jeans and t-shirts every day to work, so I figure I can spend a little bit more time, effort, and money on what I wear at other times. Tonight was a friend’s birthday at Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant. Had a great time hanging out with everyone. This is what I wore. I don’t look all that great in the photo, but some guy on his way out of the restaurant stopped to tell me how much he liked my outfit. It was quite flattering.

I’m also trying to take more pictures of me because I realize I don’t have many. I still prefer to be on the other side of the camera though.