Twenty dollars

Played poker on Thursday night. It was a good group. I was losing. Not much of a surprise. Tried to tell people I needed the money to pay for my cat’s medical bills. The very last hand, I had about three dollars left out of my ten dollar buy-in. I told them all that I didn’t want to have to cash out, so I bet all my money. Then I won. Cashed out twenty dollars. Not going to pay the $300 I spent on Mitsy, but it paid for lunch. Still no karma points. I lost all mine a week and a half ago. Been punishing myself ever since, but looks like God, or whoever, still thinks I need to be punished by the world. No worries, ’cause the world can’t even come close to punishing me as much as I’ll do on my own. Need to earn me some new karma points.


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  1. Posted by Lowell on June 25, 2007 at 12:14 am

    Bah! You should just get it all out and that will make you feel better. Post all the gory details for us and your kharma will even out. *nod*


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