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Typical lunch errands

Took Travel Buddy P with me on my lunchtime errands today. Stopped at the drug store, a grocery store, burrito store, and a tatoo parlor. She was amused by the bongs in the back. Travel Buddy P thinks I take her to the best places! I’ll let you wonder why I was there.


Imaginary relationships

Monday was imaginary relationship day. That is the kind of day when I can’t be seen alone with a guy without someone else thinking that there is something more going on than there is. I had lunch with J2 and James Bond (he has decided to nickname me Miss Moneypenny, so I’m assuming that is what he wants to be called) decided that J2 and I must have something going on. Wrong.

Then James Bond hung out on the couch in my office all day, so Baby S (the youngest of all the S’s I know) decided that Bond and I should hook up. Last time I checked, I don’t think that his girlfriend would approve. Wrong again.

That evening, I owed B6 a drink for answering some work-related questions. On the way to “Building 7” I ran into G-Unit who quizzed me on where and what I was doing. I explained and he decided it must be a date. Ding! Still wrong.

Some day I’ll actually have a real relationship. Not today. Probably not tomorrow either. Some day.

The hype

This is my 300th post and I’m going to waste it by telling you that I’ve gotten sucked into the hype about the iPhone. iDad has too. Today he sent me a picture of the front page of his local newspaper that had the title “Excited” with the ‘i’ in red font and a big picture of the iPhone. I’m excited too. I try to hide it because it isn’t like I haven’t seen it already, but I’m waiting for the rest of the world to get their hands on it. It really is beautiful.

I want one.