A few weeks ago, my (evil) Fairy Godfather took away all of the karma points that I’d been collecting. (I deserved it.) Since then I’ve been running in a deficit. Good things happen and then they are immediately followed by something bad. I have yet to get back in the black. This is the story of my demise.

Today has been crazy. I slept for about six hours, then got up at 6:30 am so that I could empty, wash, and refill the litter box; vacuum then shampoo the carpet; dye my hair; put my clean clothes away; take out the trash; and walk the dog.

I was at work by 9:30. Had a busy day including drinking the koolaid and submitting all my projects. Ran errands, including the previously written about trip to the tattoo parlor. Was out of work early (by 5:30). Walked the dog, grabbed a slice of cold leftover pizza and ran to my first HOA meeting where I was being voted onto the board.

They needed one more person to have a quorum, since I didn’t count yet, and she was running half an hour late. Luckily, they let me go early so that I could get to my team dinner. Drove into Santana Row, where it is notoriously difficult to find a parking spot. Tried one parking lot unsuccessfully. Pulled into the next lot. A guy walking to his car spotted me with the top down and said, “Right over here.” I told him he was my new best friend.

Dinner was over, but I arrived in time for dessert and a drink. We then went to the next bar. It seems like it is an Irish pub, but the dance music made it difficult to believe. Baby-S showed up around 11 pm. Danced for a minute just to say we did and then off to the next bar, which was more crowded and more dance music. Lost a teammate in the travels, but I went back for him and made sure he got home safely. Overall, it was a fun night and I managed to only have two drinks the entire five hours.

Finally home at 1 am, I started to pack. At 2:30 am I realized I’d left my noise canceling headphones at work and that I didn’t want to fly without them. Drove to work and back. In bed at 3:30 am.


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