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Tour de force

I took back my bathroom tonight.

I know that doesn’t sound exciting, but to me it is. Since Mitsy is so sick, she doesn’t quite make it to the litter box sometimes. I had to move the litter box back to the bathroom so that her misses are easier to clean up. The litter box was huge though and took up a lot of my bathroom. There were still some marks on the floor from her misses while I was on vacation. My normal towels were put away and cleaning supplies were scattered everywhere. I’ve biked to work three days this week so that I could take a shower there because I didn’t want to go into my own bathroom. Sad but true.

I ditched the big litter box and replaced it with a smaller one since I’m cleaning it two to three times a day. I scrubbed the floor. I washed the mirror and counters. Then I put all of the cleaning stuff away. I put my towels back out. It looks put together again. I know Mitsy will make it dirty again, but at least it is more manageable now.

Next stop, vacuuming.