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I’ve been caught

Since you all like to laugh at my embarrassing stories, here is one for you.

Last week, I received a comment on one of my posts from Hans.(!) He had googled himself and found my blog. I replied, thinking it was great to hear from someone from high school. Always fun to find out what has happened over the last decade or so. It wasn’t until he replied to my email that I wondered, “How did he find my blog by googling himself?”

For some reason, when I wrote that post, I never imagined he would find my blog. I was thoroughly embarrassed for a day, but now I’m over it. Instead, I’ll use this opportunity to shamelessly plug his new songs. I think “Korea Korea” is the one stuck in my head after listening to them all, but that may be because it was the first and last song I listened to.




It rained today. What more can I say? It isn’t supposed to rain between May and October. I guess this is global warming. I left the top down on the convertible while it was just sprinkling. It was liberating.