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Visit from the Joneses

My friends stopped by today for some lemonade and to see my place. We are all a little slow about getting together! Baby K is growing up so fast, it is amazing! Gracie, I found you a boyfriend!


La Vie en Rose

Went with Neighbor S to see La Vie en Rose. It was good. I don’t mind subtitles, and I was surprised at how much French I actually understood. What I did mind is that the movie jumped between years and it was very hard to follow where she was in her life. Even with the years printed occasionally, we lost track of what was going on and who the characters were. I thought maybe it was just me, but Neighbor S had the same problem.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie and am glad I saw it, but I wouldn’t rush to the theatre to see it.


Finally got sucked in. Didn’t take much. I got an invitation to a party through Facebook, so I decided to make a profile. It isn’t much of one right now, but I’ll see what I can do with that later. I added some people, but don’t take it personally if I missed you. I had to go see a movie. See above.

Mansion Party

Went to a Mansion Party last night. A group of people who all rent a mansion up on the hills. It was an incredible house. I can’t image coming home to that every night. A few of the highlight:

– J2 played the grand piano while people sang. It was great. Amazing how music makes me feel at home. Anyone who wants to come over and play guitar or piano for me, just let me know. I suppose I just need to learn myself.

– I still don’t completely understand Indian culture. Sure, I can watch all the Bollywood movies I want, but it is even better in real life. Baby S is having a baby dating crisis. Funny, though, I think we have some of the same problems. No….not the hitting on gay/taken men problem.

– A party is really a party when the cops show up and create a roadblock leaving the house. Guess they decided that the party should be over. I was hoping to meet a cute one, but they were gone by the time I left.

Met a bunch of cool people, mostly from work, and including a couple *gasp* interns. Seriously. Why do I always meet the interns? It doesn’t help my undeserved reputation any.