Silver Sequoia Driver

I made my first random craigslist post tonight. This guy in a silver Sequoia started talking to me at a stoplight. One of the hazards of having the top down on my convertible. He told me how great I looked in the car and how it was perfect for me. He said it was cute without being pretentious. We did briefly make fun of the guy next to me with the loud music. He was sweet and I really appreciated the compliment. It totally made my night.

My night was pretty good already. Neighbor S and I went to the summer music-fest on Murphy street. Had dinner. Listened to a good cover band. People watched. I even bought a book from the used book store. I’ll let you know later how it is.

Think we will go again next Wednesday. There were tons of people. Overall, a fabulous night. Now I just need to finish up here at work….


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