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Happy Birthday, Perl!

Perl turned 7 today. I feel bad because I didn’t even realize it until I left work late. I gave her a bone. Now I’m thinking of giving her another treat with some more Benedryl.

I’ll try to do something better for her tomorrow.



So what did I do this weekend? Beer bash at work Friday night, then I came home and went to bed early. A thrilling Friday night! Oh, I almost forgot that I watched, “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.” I thought it was pretty cheesy, but there were some parts that I just burst out laughing. I definitely recommend this flick.

Up early Saturday morning for a vet appointment. Mitsy is getting more blood work and I had to scoop up some of her poo and save it in the fridge to bring in Monday morning. Always what I want to do. Mitsy has gained some weight, but her poo is still icky and I still pick up a mound on the floor once every other day. I thought about taking a picture of it, but decided you all would not be interested.

Went to work Saturday and then headed to a BBQ. Had a lot of fun hanging with a bunch of Stanford grad students and various valley people. Met a group of cool new people and chatted with some friends. Had fun re-telling stories that other people have all heard—you all know how much I love to tell stories. I didn’t rub frosting in the host’s face or throw her to the ground this time, although we laughed about it.

I woke up early and went to work again today. Big deadlines looming. Got home late, but now I feel good about what I finished. Maybe I’ll have a few minutes in the morning to find some jelly beans for my jelly bean jar. The natives are getting restless without their “happy pills.”

Waa waa bag

Been feeling sorry for myself tonight. I won’t explain why, but it is definitely a family trait to do so. We trace it back to Great Grandma who had a habit of telling you, “No one has called me today,” almost immediately after you called her. I don’t actually know how well we did at calling her and stopping by, but I know that we all made quite an effort to do so. It is what you do for family though.

The waa waa bag came about whenever Meine Schwester would start whining about something. We’d tell her to put a bag on her head so that we didn’t have to see her cry. Yes, it was cruel and we shouldn’t have done it. Could I have used a waa waa bag today? Oh yeah. Just one of those days where I I know that I have nothing to complain about but I just wanted to feel sorry for myself. Sad thing is I know how ridiculous it is the whole time I feel that way. Nothing worse than knowing you are being an idiot.