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Who would the world elect?

It is an interesting question. Of course, this poll is biased to people who use the web, but it is still fascinating.


Mother Nature

Looks like I forgot to show you this. My mom took this picture back on July 17th outside of her house. She had to peel the flower apart to get the butterfly out. My best guess is that the caterpillar was inside and that it grew into a butterfly in the flower. Seriously, talk about a having a bad day!

I passed this around work’s humor list. The best response I got for a caption was from The Mexican:

(music queue)… and this is how you take a picture of an interspecies death match … with your new iPhone ….. (music fades)

I am a dyslexic typer

Seriously. I didn't think something like that would be possible. However, I fairly consistently mix up b, d, and p as well as q and g. It is ridiculous. I am a touch typer, and yet for some reason, I mix these things up. I do it to some extent while writing as well, but I've always recognized the mistake immediately, so it has never been a problem. Just adds to how strange I am.