Cat death

Started my morning off by finding a cat dead on the side of the road. Such a beautiful, young cat, and I think I know who the owners are. So sad.

Stopped at the vet so that I could pick up cat food for my cats. Then I tried to schedule the tests that Mitsy needs in order to get the radioactive iodine treatment. It looks like I may have forgotten to tell you that I am thinking of irradiating my cat. Well, I am. Supposedly it is a cost effective treatment over the twice-daily pills. She will go away for a week, be injected with radioactive iodine, then released when she has resumed a reasonable radioactive level. Then I have to find some way to keep her separated my myself and my other pets for a month. She can socialize, but must use her own litter box. This is going to be tons of fun, I swear.

So, seeing a dead cat, then trying to schedule more vet visits for more blood work and a chest x-ray that have to be done within a month of the iodine treatment which will cost about $1k in addition to the other vet visits, is not putting me into a good mood today.


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