Nine holes

After sleeping for five hours, I woke at six this morning to go golfing with Special K. It was misty and 11˚C. (Yes, I’ve changed to the metric system and the twenty four hour clock lately.) Our game isn’t exactly professional, but we have a great time, don’t break many rules, and certainly don’t break any clubs. Here are some action shots for you.

Special K with a great practice swing (that explains why the ball is still there). When she did hit this one, it was a fabulous drive straight down the 9th fairway.

Here is one of me on the 9th tee. My drive also did quite well. Can’t say that for the previous drives.

Done by 9:30 and ready for work. Well, except that Mitsy has a vet appointment at 11:30, so no sense in going in just to come home again.


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