Palo Alto Philharmonic

Today ended unexpectedly.

When I last left you, I was sitting in a coffee shop ranting about the Catholic Church. I had texted Hockey Buddy B to join me and have dinner. But by the time he arrived, C had IMed me and reminded me that our friends were playing in a concert at 8 pm. So when B got to the coffee shop, I finished my post, then we went to my house where I quickly changed into a dress. Then we drove to his house so he could change. Then off to Palo Alto Sol for fast food at a non-fast food restaurant. Arrived at the concert at exactly on time.

We were blessed with some fabulous chamber music as part of the Palo Alto Philharmonic Chamber Music Concerts. If you ever get the chance to hear Emilie Kim and Nat Collins on violin, or Ken Ferry on cello, please do. You won’t be disappointed! Together with Goetz Leonhardt and David Lange on violas, they played Antonin Dvorak’s String Quintet in E flat Major, Op 97. Emilie also played in Mozart’s String Quintet K. 614.

After the concert, our large group descended upon The Four Seasons for drinks. Their bar closed at midnight, so our well-dressed group moved to The Duke. Not quite as upscale, but more our typical haunt.

And now it is time for sleep. Photos forthcoming.


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