La Rondine

Every so often, when I feel that my vortex is swirling out of control, I like to visit Omar and his vortex. It makes my vortex seem like a crystal clear lake compared to his class IV rapids. Today was one of those days. So we went to the opera.

I picked up Omar and since we were running late, we skipped having tacos. However, we arrived a bit early, so we decided to swirl the vortex a little by stopping by a convenience store. We picked up a forty and headed back to the opera house.

I was previously unaware of this, but there are cheap tickets to the opera. $10 to be exact. The catch? They are standing room tickets. So a few minutes before the lecture started, we all had to line up on these numbers outside, then file in and pick a place behind the railing to stand. Once we claimed a spot, we could wander a bit, so Omar and I found a quiet floor and pounded the forty. It felt like we were in high school again. Well, the version of high school where I wasn’t a complete kiss ass. And by the way, it was a Newcastle, so at least it wasn’t total shit beer.

We finished just in time for the lecture before the show. The lecture is an explanation of some of the finer detail of the opera. Luckily, we could sit for this part. It was interesting, but truthfully, I don’t remember anything the guy said. I was too busy looking at the opera house itself. Quite stunning all in gold plating.

The opera was Giacomo Puccini’s “La Rondine.” Here is my Cliff Notes version:

Act 1.
Dirty Mistress of Old Rich Banker reminisces of time she hooked up with some guy in a club. Old Rich Banker’s Friend’s Son shows up, but doesn’t meet Dirty Mistress. Maid tells Friend’s Son where to get his groove on for his first night in Paris. Maid and Poet hook up and go to club. Dirty Mistress sneaks out and goes to club not knowing everyone else is there.

Act 2.
Dirty Mistress falls in love with Friend’s Son after one beer, some dancing, and some kissing (cheap date). Maid and Poet run into them and Dirty Mistress claims mistaken identity. All scatter when Old Rich Banker shows up. Dirty Mistress refuses to go home with him and waits for Friend’s Son to come back.

Act 3.
Dirty Mistress and Friend’s Son run away together. Friend’s Son proposes. Maid, after bad acting experience, shows up with Poet in hopes that Dirty Mistress will continue to have her as Maid. Friend’s Son’s Mom approves marriage, but girl needs to be virtuous. Dirty Mistress has to admit she whored herself out to Old Rich Banker and can’t marry him because she is a Dirty Mistress, but says she can be his Dirty Mistress. Friend’s Son wants wife and mother. She says she can’t do that because she is a slut. Old Rich Banker shows up to claim Dirty Mistress. The End.

The set was absolutely stunning, and the singers were amazing. Overall, it was a fabulous opera, and if you get the chance, I recommend it. Definitely helped that the whole thing was subtitled so that I had some idea of what was actually happening.

Couldn’t take pictures of the opera itself, so here are some of us after the show. We never did drink the second forty we had hiding away.


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