Archive for December 2nd, 2007


Played racquetball for the second time ever today with B and A. I’m getting better, I think. Although an hour and a half into it, I tripped over myself and almost twisted my ankle. That is when I started laughing so hard that I was crying and had to call the game. It is all fun and games until K start giggling uncontrollably.


LSATs Done!

Neighbor S took the LSATs yesterday morning, so we celebrated last night with German food at Hardy’s Bavaria on Evelyn in Sunnyvale. Then we stopped by the bookstore and found this great book in the self-help section. Don’t forget to read the subtitle.

Congratulations Princess K and Tennis Player R

Princess K and Tennis Player R are now engaged. Congratulations!

Happy Birthday, Trini!

Got together yesterday afternoon with Princess K and her dog Trini to celebrate Trini’s birthday. A number of other friends of Trini came out and we all took a walk in Los Gatos. Great day for it, although it started to sprinkle at the end. Trini had pumpkin pie treats for all of her friends. Perl was very appreciative.