Jay Nash

Why do I always use my best pickup lines on the married ones?

I drove to the city tonight to see Jay Nash play at a House Concert. I arrived wicked early since I’d left plenty of room for traffic. This was the error of my ways.

On arrival, I found P & T setting up the room. Jay extended his hand and said, “And you are?”
“K. Nice to meet you.”
“Have we met before?” It sounded like such a line, but there was also something a bit odd about it. I often am asked that, and I’m under the impression that there might be hundreds of me out there roaming around. Someone else spoke, so I never answered.

Jay wanted some coffee. Since we had time, T and I were sent to find a coffee shop that is open on a Sunday evening. We attempted to drive.

Attempted because we got into my car, I shifted into first gear, put the gas pedal to the floor and made it a hundred yards up the hill before I realized we were about to go backwards. I immediately turned into a parking space and now my car was at a 45˚ angle. We decided to walk. T said it was only a couple blocks away.

Twenty blocks, forty minutes, and one cup of coffee later, we arrived back at the house. I was smelly, sweaty, and my face was bright red. You have to understand that every block we walked was either up or down in the Potrero Hill area. There was no flat. I was wearing boots with heels. I hadn’t expected to get such a workout.

I walked into The Green Room with the coffee and said, “You had better be worth it. And this had better be the best damn coffee on the planet.” Then I described the debacle. And that is when I noticed the ring. Damn right hand ring wearers! Catches me off guard every time. I toned down the flirting, had a nice conversation about cocaine use by our founding fathers, then left so he could finish warming up.

The second song into the set he mentions that he grew up beside this big river called the St. Lawrence and that he had recorded his first album on an island there. At intermission, I walked up to him and said, “Clayton?” He looked at me quizzically. “NY. Clayton, NY. Is that where you grew up?”
“Yeah, it is. Have you heard of it?”
“I spent a couple weeks on Round Island.”
“No way. Which cottage?”
“The P’s.”
“The one with the roof?” He gestured a pagoda roof with his hands.
“Yeah, that is the one.” Turns out he grew up directly across the river from where I’d stayed. “So maybe we have met before.”
“It’s possible.”
Small world.

The show went well. It was worth the workout. He has a bunch of stuff on iTunes that I really recommend. After the show, I bought a copy of “a stream up north” and had him sign it. My CD cover now reads, “Thanks for the coffee – you are the best!”

But before I could leave, P started filling up my car with people who needed a ride home. The next thing I knew, my car, sitting at a 45˚ angle had four people, a roller bag, and a guitar. Directions were a bit sketchy. The first guy to be dropped off recently lost his apartment, moved his stuff to his office at PBWiki and is living in a hostel in the city. He wasn’t completely certain how to get there, but we finally found it without getting too lost. The girl I dropped off knew where she lived in Pacific Heights and how to get there. She works at Yahoo. At least she had a sense of direction. Then Jay and I took a few wrong turns. He was enamored by my iPhone and got distracted from figuring out where we were. He was also distracted that my phone was in German and I found out that he also had a couple years in school and that his degree is in Civil Engineering. Knowing that, his joke about, “Good enough for government work” during the set made sense. We were accosted by a homeless guy with about three teeth selling stuff. Jay went into this Eddie Murphy type routine about Christmas Crack that had me near tears. Eventually, we found the highway and I dropped him off at his hotel by the airport.

No worries, like always, I came home alone. Some day I will get this right. ;-)


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  1. Posted by Anonymous on July 31, 2009 at 12:48 am

    ohhh Jay is such a HEARTBREAKER.. trust me. I KNOW lol Ask him for a hug.. and he says "HOLD ME TIGHT" omg..OmG. :)


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